September 2017

Automotive Fine Arts Society - Pebble Beach 2017

Ken Eberts founded the AFAS group in 1984 with 5 others - today there are 32 members of which he continues to lead. Great people events always attract great supporting talent.

Mecum Auctions - Monterey 2017

Monterey CA, Aug 16-19 2017 - Mecum CEO David Magers suggests that his company is better known as transition home to muscle cars and popular American vintage cars, but Monterey is a different market. 

Kode0 - Five for Flighting at 2017 Concorso Italiano

Seaside CA, August 19 2017 - After all the months of conceiving, drawing, cutting, building, fitting, testing and showing for each commissioning, Ken promises not to build more than 5 each of the Kode57 and Kode0 models.

60 degrees cool; 180 degree turns; 360 degree perspective

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Aug 17-20 2017 - Mounted inside the cockpit of a track car, recorded 360 clips allows viewers to see all around during the race action (while wearing VR devices such as Samsung Gear) – as if they were in the car racing.

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