Barris Batcake and Mongoose at MPG Motoring Invitational

Los Angeles CA, Nov 20 2013 - Cars are good for a guy -- that's the impression you get when you see the lifestyle of some people. For some, giving life to cars gives the good life back. As owner of the biggest name in custom cars, George Barris just keeps coming back for more, and giving more in the process.

Batmobile Birthday Cake George Barris LA Auto Show 2013

The LA Auto Show MPG Motoring Invitational honored George for his 88th birthday -- fitting form at a new car show where customizing has become a factory option. Fully capitalizing on his celebrity, Mr. Barris seems to revel in the attention. With a bigger smile than the sun and a bounce in his step, he makes time for everyone that comes near.

Batmobile by George Barris LA Auto Show 2013

Naturally, the cake was a replica of the original Batmobile -- George's iconic TV car. Nobody should dare take a slice -- the cake may be memorabilia as long as it survives. Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson Auctions recalled that that the #1 car sold for $4.6 million (a world record for movie-tv cars).

Mongoose Funny Car & Hauler LA Auto Show 2013

Craig also introduced Don Prudhomme -- his famous Mongoose funny car and hauler is coming up for auction at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. The celebrity and history on hand was a great complement to the modern history starting inside the LA Auto Show.

The Munster's Koach by George Barris LA Auto Show 2013

The Munster's Koach by George Barris

Photos and video by Randy Berg

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