Petersen Corvette 60th Anniversary - Racer's Panel Intro

Petersen Automotive Museum, Mar 1 2013 - Corvette 60th Anniversary Racer's Panel

Special Car Store: What would be the American continental car lover’s best dream come true? A day at the Petersen would top many a list by itself, but imagine bolting on a 60th Corvette Anniversary party to boot. A lucky few hundred souls filled the Friday night Gala that featured the coastal debut of the C7 Corvette.

The public was able to wander around more than 350 Corvettes that showed up to show along the 4 floors of the parking garage. The museum and Johnny Rockets was packed for the event. Petersen has drawing power - that draw extends to the side attractions. Several interesting seminars entertained with Corvette celebrities on the rooftop meeting room.

To celebrate the history of Corvette, what better idea than to invite a whole table full of the original racers that made the history of the early days of the brand. Following is a transcript of panel remarks on the Corvette’s effect on their lives.

RACER’S PANEL – What has the Corvette meant to you?

Bill Stephens - moderator

Bill Stephens Corvette Racers Panel Moderator

Welcome everybody. It is such a pleasure and an honor to see you here today at the Petersen Museum for this very special panel - a racer’s panel as part of the 60th Anniversary of the Corvette celebration this weekend. My name is Bill Stephens from the Velocity Channel and ESPN; a former Corvette owner myself and certainly a fan of each and every gentlemen that you see sitting at this table.You are going to hear a lot from them about who they are, what they’ve done and what the Corvette has meant to them throughout their racing careers.

These fellows here: Reeves Callaway, Doug Fehan, Joe Freitas, Dick Gulstrand, Doug Hooper, Bill Krause and Paul Reinhart - they are history. You are watching history unfold before you here. They are people who have had a tremendous amount of history and prominence with the Corvette and speak first-hand about what its significance is especially in the realm of competition.

Paul Reinhart

Paul Reinhart - “You get the same nice people, a great competition and a lot of fun. That’s really what Corvette Racing is all about.” Read More

Bill Krause, Corvette Racer

Bill Krause - “Mickey Thompson called me from Detroit and said don’t sign the contract for Shelby. He had these Corvettes he was going to run at Daytona and everywhere else.” Read More

Reeves Callaway, Corvette Racing

Reeves Callaway - “If I look back at over that involvement I say boy, this automobile brand has afforded me some remarkable experiences.” Read More

Doug Hooper, Corvette Racer

Doug Hooper - “Almost everybody broke except for me so I won the race, but that started my whole career professionally with the Corvettes.” Read More

Dick Guldstrand - Corvette Racer

Dick Guldstrand - “Man when that little V8 came out, it changed my whole life. That Corvette from that point on defined my life.Read More

Joe Freitas - Corvette Racer
Joe Freitas - “It pretty much started with my heroes in the 40’s and the 50’s. Guys that like to go sideways, and boy those early Corvettes were a hell of a lot of fun going sideways.” Read More

Doug Fehan Corvette Racing

Doug Fehan - “It has been a lifetime of passion and love and devotion to the brand. It’s an amazing vehicle that has an amazing following,an amazing customer base as we are witnessing here today.” Read More



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