Wheeler Dealers at Greystone Concours d'Elegance 2017

Wheeler Dealers Takes Center Court at Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance

Mike Brewer was intrigued by our 360Fly camera on a monopod - so much so he launched into a quick bit about Wheeler Dealers attending this annual event. He introduces his new TV co-host Ant Anstead - fresh off the boat from the UK. Watch the standard 4K video above - then the same clip in cool new 360 degree technology below; use the touch screen, arrow keys or mouse to change the perspective on the video screen: 


Beverly Hills CA, May 7 2017 - The City of Beverly Hills has been running the Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance event for 8 years now. For the first time in at least 5 years that we've been attending, errant weather in southern California cast a bit of a shadow of doubt on the typical perfection scale.

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With a hundred or more owners of fine prime automobiles selected for showing in the upper parking lot, most probably had an eye on the sky and wondered how the day was going to turn out. Event organizer Jim Hampton (Greenhouse Marketing) had to field dozens of calls the day before from anxious cartakers asking if the show will go on.

Jim Hampton Greenhouse Marketing at Greystone Mansion Concours

Jim followed (and maybe prayed with) a weather app on his phone awaiting any good signs from a bad forecast with thunderstorms. By some measure of great luck, the app showed there was a relatively clear window opening up exactly around the show's hours open to the public. While boasting of sold out sponsorships, the weather threat did seem to slow the attendance a bit - but the show came off great as ever. Luxury vendors lined the walkways and alleys as usual - beautiful new car brands such as Aston Martin, Karma, McLaren, Tesla, Lexus, Alfa Romeo and Bentley added a fine counterpoint to the 100 years prior experience of the featured older automarques.

McLaren 720 by McLaren Beverly Hills

McLaren 720S presented by McLaren Beverly Hills

Some of the best known names in the California automotive world have contributed to the show's entertainment program. Dave Kunz(link is external) and Donald Osborne have hosted the proceedings for a long time, and David Gooding's auction house was one of the founding sponsors.

Peninsula Seniors Out and About with Jay Leno

Jay Leno has a front row spot reserved for his annual usually unusual behemoth - this year's ride was a lovely red and grey 1953 Cunnigham. Every year you will also find key supporters from the Petersen Automotive Museum - Terry Karges and Leslie Kendall look the part and talk shop all day long. If it's a car event in Beverly Hills, you will also saddle up to Bruce Meyer and get to see something awesome from his private collection (his 1957 Ferrari 625/250 TRC won Best of Class, of course). 

Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance 2017

You will never see the same automobiles here last year or next. For the attendees, the gauntlet of great cars are just the start to a great day. Premium fashion and food vendors line the walkways to the mansion, and many more await inside.

Stella Artois at Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance 2017

Stella Artois(link is external) is always a popular repeat stop, given nifty beer glasses to reuse and take home; Tito's Vodka and Osombroso Tequila steeped up with some nice mixes. An interesting program of automotive insights was provided on stage by David Gooding, Peyman Salehi and then the new car guy in town - Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers fame.

Ant Anstead Mike Brewer Bruce Meyer

That prayed for window of not-so-bad weather almost held out until the end of the show. If it only didn't dribble rain for a few minutes an hour before it was time to quit. A few owners quickly scrambled to cover their craft with plastic or a tarp - most were not the least bit concerned and enjoyed a rare moist moment at a California automotive event. These cars will not wither and die from a few drops of water, but we do understand that means a whole lot of re-detailing once back home. Many will feel vindicated with their well earned Concours trophy award - crafted again this year by car-art veteran Richard Pietruska.

Richard Pietruska Signature Awards are designer

Richard Pietruska - 40 Years of Influence in Transportation Design

This first Sunday of May always ends too soon and we just wish the parking shuttle bus would just take us all the way home so we could keep smiling and having fun. So starts another spring to the local automobile event circuit.

Jay Leno brought his 1953 Cunningham

1953 Cunningham restored by Jay Leno's Garage (Video)

1957 Lincoln Premiere

1957 Lincoln Premiere - Lincoln 100 years

1964 Opel Kadett Sports Coupe

 1964 Opel Kadett Sports Coupe

1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III - Lincoln 100 years

1936 Lincoln K Brunn Convertible Victoria

 1936 Lincoln K Brunn Convertible Victoria - Lincoln 100 years

1962 Daimler SP250

 1962 Daimler SP250

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Article and videos by Randy Berg

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