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Love Ride 33: Back in the Saddle

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Nov 10 2019 - When Love Ride 32 concluded with a grand hurrah in 2016, it was billed as the last Love Ride. Not that interest and support in the big event had flagged - quite the opposite. Rather it had become perhaps too big and time consuming - founder Oliver Shokuh wished for more of his life back and hit the pause button. 


VIDEO: Love Ride #32 - First Now Last

While all good things come to an end, some good things that end come back to life again. Love Ride 33 took a few years to be born again, but also started the process in a more manageable footprint. A lot of the main characters are the same - Oliver still puts in a lot of time and "Terminator" Robert Patrick picked a bigger role by buying a sister Harley-Davidson dealership in Santa Clarita

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The hard core Love Ride fans showed up on their machinery in all their finery. While the starting location was still from Harley-Davidson of Glendale, the final destination would be Harley-Davidson of Santa Clarita - not far from the Castaic Lake-side locale of LR32. This HD dealer lot out in the countryburbs is rather large - room for a big party, and party they did. While the Foo Fighters weren't the headliner of a mini-concert bowl setting, David Grohl did come on stage and hammer out a few familiar tunes with the band Chevy Metal

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While 33 was more modest, it was also a lot easier to get in and out of and get close to the action. Having the chance to look at new Harleys at both ends was quite a treat as well. While it is a great time and a great show, the $150 ticket is not for an expensive concert - it's a fundraiser meant to do good things. This year's charity benefactors are the SCV Education Foundation, adding to the millions of dollars gathered by Love Rides over the decades.


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 Legendary bike builder Micah McCloskey

Keep your bike tuned for 34 in 2020. 

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Story and photos by Randy Berg

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