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Masked Gang Loots Palm Springs Treasure at McCormick's

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November 20-22 2020, Palm Springs CA - McCormick's Collector Car Auction 69  

This byline may have been lifted from newspaper a century ago when Palm Springs was just starting to be settled in the wild west. The fact that it might even be true today is a testament to bad humor and the fact that Covid-19 has changed the rules on the ground for everyone.


1970 Volkswagen Bug Open Top

McCormick's plan of event operation for Auction 69 received approval months ago, providing the grease to keep the automobile procurement process in motion and the big wheels rolling in on time. With California nearing another closure due to increasing cases of the virus, perhaps the pre-Thanksgiving timing was fortunate. It feels so good to be at a collector automobile auction again!


1965 Amphicar 770 Convertible

To get in the gate, each patron had their temperature taken and observed for visible symptoms. Pass the sniff test and a green wristband was wrapped on to show the world that we may be more likely to be safe. Masks and social distancing were obviously required - with a few exceptions (even on the block) everyone complied, but there were no rednecks bravely demanding their unimpeded right to breathe on others.


Block seating was well spaced by putting the chairs all the way to the back of the hall. Prospective bidders get the best view on the red carpet section right up close, as they should. Keeping distance wasn't difficult and no one wandered too far into our bubble, but I thought the cars could have been spread out more. This suggestion is for me alone so I could get better pictures of each car, notwithstanding the added logistics for the McC's.


 1950 GMC Pickup

While the increased logistics of travel and fewer visitors from the North, the crowd size was suitably smaller than pre-Covid times. The block surrounding parking lot perhaps had fewer cars for sale than usual, but this is better perhaps for the sellers who have less competition on new dollars for their old ride. Folks are still buying and selling cars, and the McCormick's are still making it happen - 580 times at a go. Next up is Auction 70 February 2021 (virus willing.)


1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

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by Randy Berg

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