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Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show 2022 - On Any Sunday

June 5 2022 - Chino Hills CA

After Covid-inspired schedule changes, the Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show returned to the traditional first-Sunday-in-June event date. The Sunday show culminates 3 days of fund-raising activities for hundreds of automobiles and thousands of attendees.

As if on cue, the grey "June Gloom" cloud covered the field all morning but burned off to reveal afernoon SoCal sunshine. Sun is nice, but the early cloudy cool is always welcome.

The Boys Republic campus is jam-packed with activities and cool things to experience. Too many words are needed to describe the fun and goodwill that becomes of the weekend - we hereby leave the talking to the pictures...




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TICKETS are now on sale for 2023:

2023 Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show


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