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Sunshine Auction Lights Up Again - McCormick's 70

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Palm Springs CA, Feb 27 2021 - One thing that can be generally counted on is winter sunshine in Palm Springs. If the rest of the continent is under polar vortex, Southern California gets all the leftover sun and warmth. While we would gladly trade a lot for a week of rain when we have had none, it is always best for whole sun when pitching an outdoor auction. McCormick's auction lights up the town twice a year - just after the Nordbirds arrive and again just before they leave.


Given that Palm Springs does not have the usual winter homers in place due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are not as many people around to partake in the activities. While the previous Auction 69 was closed to the public Friday for the first time in memory, locals were invited back in 2021 with virus protocols and procedures in place. No green armband, no go through the gates.


The locals love the chance to attend - I'll surely get a text from someone saying "I'm at the car show - are you here?" If you aren't buying or selling, I guess it is a car show for others - why complain about their line of pleasure?


The automobile crowd followed the mask rule to a person. If you asked a question or made a comment, some car owners would come right up to talk, forgetting the distance rule - but I could tell it was out of pure comradery, not tribal mouth-breather ignorance. The lockdown terms and conditions are necessary, but the increased spacing and reduced block lineup does sap some of the energy we used to see here, like everywhere.


Palm Springs is still an attraction for neighbor state visitors and auction patrons - there were a significant number of out-of-state cars on the block; Arizona, Oregon, Nevada... We're betting more than a few folks drive home with a different old gal than they arrived with. In a month it will be time for everyone to go back where they came from, and we go back into a dry spell for collector car auctions until November. Hopefully the rains will return in the meantime.  


See auction results here:


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by Randy Berg